How Can I Stream My Health Journeys Meditations Online?


Is it possible to stream Health Journeys audios? If so, what format of the audio should I purchase? Don¹t think I have a CD or MP3 player any longer!

Thanks, Christine

Hi, Christine.

Yes. You can easily stream directly from your account or download to your mobile device. To do this, you should order the MP3 version of an audio.  

To stream from your account on Sign-in, go to "My Downloadable Products", and then click on the audio you want to play.

Have an Android Device? Sign into your Health Journeys account and in "My Downloadable Products", select "Download All (.zip)".  Once the download is complete, unzip the folder and select it.  In the top right corner of the screen, click the 3 vertical dots and select move to your "Music" folder in Internal Storage. The audio will appear in your Google Play Music App library.

Have an iPhone? Sign into your Health Journeys account and in "My Downloadable Products", select "Download All (.zip)" then select "Open in 'Files'".  Choose iCloud drive and select "add" in the top right corner.  Then select "preview content" and click play - your meditations will start playing.  You can choose the tracks in the top left corner. Or, you can download our current app HJ Player and we can send you a code to access your MP3s and download them onto the player.

We have additional step-by-step download instructions on our website incuding answers to questions you may have about the downloading process. And if all this is foreign to you, you can call 800-800-8661 and we can walk you through it.

All best,


PS. You can also gift a download to a family member or friend right from your Health Journeys account.  Just purchase the MP3, and after checkout go to "My Downloadable Products" and click "Gift this product" next to the audio you want to send.