Is Listening to Immune System Imagery for a Cold a Bad Idea for an M.S. Patient?

I just had surgery a few weeks ago and now I have a cold and was looking at getting your "Healthy Immune System" imagery. My question is this - I have MS that is well controlled at this time. Taking into consideration I just had surgery (any trauma, even controlled trauma, can kick up an exacerbation) and that MS is an autoimmune disease, is it okay to listen to this? Or could the imagery over-stimulate the immune system to a point of causing my MS symptoms to flair?

Thank you,


Dear Jane,

I can see why you're concerned – we get this question a lot from people with autoimmune disease. The short answer is no, this should not be a problem. The immune system imagery is carefully worded with suggestions that ensure proper balance and discriminating deployment of immune cells. For instance, it says,

Sensing the movement of these remarkable, trustworthy little defender cells.... highly trained, discriminating and intelligent.... moving out from their dispatch centers... all through your body .... combing tissue and fluid for any unwelcome presence that might contribute to your discomfort.... bypassing the healthy cells..... respecting your own territory... and seeking out the cells occupied by the virus invaders, that impose uninvited on the warm generosity of your body....

But, given the fact that you just had surgery, you might want to err on the side of caution, given the double whammy combo of your post-op status and your MS. Instead, you might want to use the imagery for General Wellness, which has a more oblique way of working with the immune system.

I hope this helps.

All best,


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