Hello. I love your meditations, especially the affirmations, and most especially the CD you made for fibromyalgia - but I've benefited from others as well.

I also deal with MCS [Ed. Note: This is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities] from scented chemicals, which makes living in this world a huge challenge. I've seen some claims that certain kinds of meditation (amygdala retraining, NSP protocol) can help with MCS (some claim 'cure', but not the MCS experts and research.)
Do you think daily meditation could cure my MCS? Would it have to be of a certain type?

I think that it probably helps with symptoms, but can't cure, and that the claims I heard are in order to sell expensive programs.

Still, I would really like to know what you think.

Thank you..)



Hey, Karen.  

This is not an area I know well and I’m not familiar with Amygdala Retraining, nor the NSP protocol.  So my response isn’t based on a whole lot of targeted expertise – more on my experiences with the impact of mind-body methods on comparable conditions.  And based on that, I’d vote with you.

I suspect that meditation, guided imagery or hypnosis could reduce your degree of reactivity – both physiological and emotional – to these substances.  It’s been found to calm some of the auto-immune responses involved in allergy, arthritis, diabetes and the like, so why not MCS?   

And I’m certain it could provide you with greater general resilience, to better cope with the unpleasant symptoms.  But a “cure”?  I wouldn’t bet on it.  “Cure” is a big, big “Silver Bullet” promise.  I’d be careful tossing that term around.  Grace and spontaneous healing are always possible, but at this point, nobody knows enough to assure you of that.

Best of luck with this.