Is There Guided Imagery for a Young Mother with “Aggressive” Multiple Sclerosis?

We got this question from a therapist who asks for some recommendations of mind-body resources to help a 37-year-old mother of two young children manage her stress. She has rapidly escalating Multiple Sclerosis and is very scared. Check it out:


I am working with a 37-year-old mother of two children under the age of seven. She has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and in the words of her physician, it is "aggressive" and "we need to take immediate action." She is following all suggested protocol and is scared but lives in her head, trying to manage the stress cognitively. Which of your CD's would you recommend for her?

Thank you so much. 
Melinda M., LCSW, MSW


Dear Melinda,

I'm wondering what kind of 'immediate action' the doc is recommending, and what symptoms she is having that are presenting her with her greatest challenges. 

I have to say, if her body is giving her a bad time, living in her head may not be the worst thing she could do. 

Is she in pain? Is she impaired cognitively or experiencing motor deficits? Suffering from severe fatigue? Depressed? This would help me determine what kinds of imagery might help her the most.

However, absent that, I would say that we do have guided imagery and affirmations that specifically target M.S., which could be helpful to her. So might our guided imagery to Relieve Stress. If she has cramping and pain, I would suggest Ease Pain. If she is looking for simple stress-lowering exercises, I recommend our Stress Hardiness Optimization, because even though this was designed for military personnel and early responders (who also live in their heads), she is under siege herself, and this might provide the quickest, simplest avenue for stress relief. 

I hope this helps. I can be more specific if you want to tell me a little more detail.

All best,

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