Is There Guided Imagery Suitable for Parkinson’s Disease?


Hello, Belleruth,

My husband has Parkinson's Disease. We have found there is not much by way of support services or wellness programs for him in our area.  He has, however, just started a class for Parkinson patients that will be teaching mindfulness as a tool to improve quality of life for people with PD.

This led me to wondering if you had some guided meditations that you think would be useful for this kind of population.  I would like to recommend a CD of yours for the doctor leading the group, who has many Parkinson patients in his practice, plus two other groups starting.  I have some of your CDs, but nothing that is right for this population. 

Thank you,

Mary M.


Dear Mary,

Thanks for your question. As it happens, we do have guided imagery that’s specifically geared for Parkinson's. It focuses on key physical, cognitive and psychological challenges that this condition usually serves up, and has suggestions to encourage balance and good posture, as well as mental rehearsal of steady, focused movement, and ways to counteract freezing, cramping and tremors. 

In addition, there are elements embedded in the guided imagery that are designed to alleviate depression, discouragement and fatigue; and enhance self-confiidence and self-esteem.

The Parkinson’s imagery has gotten good feedback, and is currently in use at a new Parkinson's/Movement Disorders Wellness Center in northeast Ohio, called InMotion, where they have a stellar wellness program for PD – yoga and balance classes, support groups, meditation and guided imagery, massage, personal training, boxing – it’s really quite something. If you ever want to help start a wellness clinic in your area, you might want to talk to the executive director to get some great ideas.

Other audio programs we have that would fit:

We also have specific audio programs targeting medical procedures and surgery.

I hope this helps. If you have other questions, you now know where to find me! 

My best wishes to you and your husband,

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