Hello, again.

I wonder if there’s such a thing as “election stress” or “attack ad depression” or “chronic polling anxiety”.  What do you think this overlong, overfunded, over-the-top battle is doing to the mental health of us citizens?  

Please share your impressions about this - especially those of you who see lots of people in your practice.

How about the extended tension and suspense of months of waiting for a result, pumped up by the needs of the 24/7 news cycle?  It’s become subtext for everything else in our waking day.  Does it result in one big national stomach ache or migraine? 

How many of us just want to withdraw from too many months of election stress and discomfort?  What does it do to our sense of efficacy and well-being when, for hours, we’re passively listening to the same strident distortions of various bits of minutia, over and over again.

It’s bad everywhere, but here in Ohio, holy cow!  It’s a nonstop deluge of mean-spirited messaging on TV, radio, blogs and at live events.  I swear, it’s a lot like being one of the kids in a crazy, dysfunctional family.  I’ll be happy when this is over and I stop getting 30 screaming emails a day, along with infinite numbers of robo-calls.

On a happier note, stay tuned for some new imagery coming your way.  The awesome Traci Stein, who’s created our new, super-popular self-esteem imagery is now putting together a new guided hypnosis program to help with procrastination. 

And I’ve begun my research for a new ADHD narrative.  So that’s also a reminder for you to keep on sending me your thoughts, reactions, wishes, needs, challenges and successes with ADHD, either your own or your kid’s or your client’s.  All input is welcome.

Take care and be well.