It’s Here! Traci Stein’s New Meditations for Developing Intuition

How does Sally wake up knowing her beloved Grampa in Chicago has just died, even though the phone hasn’t rung, and she’s in Boston?

 Why does the same idea or invention pop up simultaneously in several parts of the world, without any overt collaboration?

 And how did the awesome medieval polymath, Hildegarde of Bingen, a German abbess, physician, writer, philosopher, naturalist, composer, mystic and artist, manage to paint Aztec corn husk goddesses on her 12th century illuminated manuscripts? That iconic fertility symbol may or may not have been in existence at the time, but it showed up in South America, not Europe. So what the heck was that all about?

 I love those questions, and always have.

 When I wrote Your Sixth Sense, I spent months pouring over the (then) ‘new’ physics of David Bohm, Itzhaq Bentov and others, to try and get an intellectual handle on how people get information they have no ‘logical’ way of knowing.

 I think that chapter I wrote still holds up pretty well, but either way, my time figuring it all out and writing it made for a thrilling ride.  No kidding.  I never thought theoretical physics could produce a spiritual high, but it did and still does.

 More importantly, leaning into my sixth sense and putting it to work on a daily basis made me a far better therapist, not to mention friend, mother, writer, and guided imagery maker.

And now, the awesome Dr. Traci Stein, foremost mindfulness maven, hypnotherapist and maestro of behavioral change, has been studying with masters of the old Spiritualist Tradition, and has come up with some wonderfully effective guided imagery exercises, designed to open up our internal channels to the “ordinary magic” of human intuition and psychic knowing.

Take the journey with her, and enjoy the benefits. She’s a gentle, wise, trustworthy guide. You’ll have fun with it. But make no mistake: these trips with Traci yield powerful treasure and leave you with skills to last a lifetime.

All best,

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