It seems like Thanksgiving is a lot of people’s favorite holiday.

I love the way the whole house smells delicious and how salivating offspring keep coming by the kitchen, looking to pilfer some tasty bit or other as they wait for dinner to manifest… I also like the after-dinner time, when everyone can kind of laze around in a mellow, tryptophan-induced haze, watch football (which I don’t follow very well, but I love the sound of it in the background nonetheless) and keep going back to the fridge to pick at this or that.

There’s something very permissive and forgiving about Thanksgiving…. maybe because it’s not a religious holiday, and so whatever inherent tensions, guilt, crankiness or divisiveness that normally exist over those heavy duty issues are absent.  There are no events you have to be at, really, so people can go their own way, perhaps visit old high school friends or just hang out.   In addition, there are lame movies to be seen en famille, and more pie crust to pick at, not to mention mesmerizing, cozy fires in the fireplace to stare into….. I guess it could be lots of things that make Thanksgiving such a fine time. 

So in that spirit, everyone here at Health Journeys wants to wish you a very tasty, feel-good, easy-going, enjoyable, low-conflict Thanksgiving Day, filled with good company, fond feelings, great food and laughter, and the deep pleasures of feeling gratitude.

And speaking of gratitude, we’re grateful for you.

Belleruth, George, Cindy, Cheryl, Rich, Elizabeth, Jim, Maggie, Nancy, Mary, Walter, Steve, Bruce, Jon and David