It’s Here! Our Holiday Gift Guide for 2020: The Year of Living Dangerously!

This year our gift bundles have been lovingly and wisely hand-picked for these weird times. For instance, we’ve got the Cut Yourself Some Slack Pack, a brilliant combo — not just because it rhymes so cleverly, but because it’s designed to adjust your weary take on your own put-upon self, and to provide compassion and perspective on how you’re really doing… which quite possibly is a lot better than you think.

Feeling constrained, confined and constricted?? Of course you are!  Who with half a brain isn’t? Check out All Stressed Out (and No Place to Go).

Is everyone getting on your last nerve? Of course they are! You are a sentient being, for heaven’s sake! For this, we have Time-Out for Grownups on the Verge.

The Whole Kiddie Kaboodle is ingeniously curated to give little ones the tools they need to develop a reassuring sense of mastery and agency, and, best of all, powerful self-soothing skills to last a lifetime.

And don’t forget the Teen Tension Tamer Toolkit, to provide the adolescent you adore the resources to manage uncertainty, disorientation, disappointment, shame, and raging hormones!

In addition, 2020’s new releases show up all over these packs. Dr. Emmett Miller’s state-of-the-science meditations to help the body head off viral infection (including Covid-19), or heal a viral infection (including Covid-19) should it somehow infiltrate our best defenses, have been flying out of here, and rightly so. Both audios are designed to complement state of the art medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Emmett’s imagery for Releasing Shame remediates a widely suffered exposed nerve nationwide.

And hot off the presses — you’ll love this one — the divine Ms. Traci Stein (another rhyme!) gives us Manifesting Your Future Self During Deep Sleep — guided imagery, hypnosis, and affirmations, infused with binaural beats, to help cohere your best image of a future self that’s aligned with your deepest sense of purpose and meaning, as it incrementally emerges from the creative, magical space of rich, restorative sleep.

And, of course, it’s not just about the bundles — we’ve got oodles of single titles and goodies to round out your gift-giving. We’ve got essential oils, aromatherapy pillows, candles, lotions, healing balms for pain, comfy, light-excluding sleep masks — not to mention the odd surprise bonus.

So check out what our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the Year of Living Dangerously has to offer, get your lists ready, and stay tuned for some more of the best deals and savings of the year!

All best,

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