The very inspiring Dr. James Gordon and his awesome, kickass team of volunteer mental health professionals are currently doing advanced PTS training in Gaza City.  This is something, folks.  Yep, they work separately with both Israelis and Palestinians, and continue in the wonderful tradition of what they did in Bosnia and post-Katrina New Orleans.
These folks get it that posttraumatic stress is a biochemical and neuro-physiological condition, and that the way to healing is through the primitive brain and nervous system.

So check out the video footage that sprinkles this blog – all the energy release work, through chaotic breathing, moving meditation and energy-moving dance that they’re doing – it may look odd, but it’s powerful and it works.  (Those Sufi dancers were on to something, people, with all their whirling and twirling and moving and shaking - make no mistake about it!)
Jim has synthesized multiple methods, astutely cherry picking them from the old T-groups of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s (like the Fishbowl, for instance) all the way to the moving meditations of the rascally Bagwan Shree Rajneesh (remember him?).  

Check it out if you can – it’s brilliant work and it’s alleviated a lot of suffering around the world.