It’s exciting to see the growth in guided imagery research when I visit my virtual ‘cubby’ at Entrez Pubmed, the prodigious archives of the National Library of Medicine.. Greetings.

It’s exciting to see the tremendous growth in the quantity and quality of guided imagery research that’s being done these days. Every week when I visit my virtual ‘cubby’ at Entrez Pubmed, the archives of the National Library of Medicine, there are scores and scores of abstracts on new studies about imagery, meditation, relaxation and music therapy. (You too can search to your heart’s content there, by topic, author or title - a cornucopia of pilot studies, clinical trials and meta-analyses.. in fact, you could get lost for days in there!).

Particularly, we’re seeing an explosion of interest in areas involving learning and peak performance; in rehab and motor skill development, especially after a stroke; posttraumatic stress, of course; surgery, particularly knee replacement surgery; and pain control. And, as I mentioned last month, I just spotted two new studies on the value of imagery and relaxation for Parkinson’s symptoms. New countries are also getting into the act. Nowadays we’re seeing a great deal of exciting work coming out of Italy, Korea, the Netherlands and Israel.

And for those of you who don’t want to wade through the vast search engines of the NIH, you can always go to our own Health Journeys Hot Research page and search the drop down window for the topic or topics of interest. Click on those and you’ll be able to access all the abstracts we’ve posted over the past few years - the most up-to-date studies, translated into layman’s English for even the least statistically minded of you!

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