Google has taken me back 22 years, to the days when my then 5-year-old youngest son busted me (unfairly, I swear!) in the Washington Post for being a clueless mom who made insufferable lunches.. Well, leave it to the internet and Google to take me back 22 years, to the days when my youngest son - 5 years old at the time - busted me (unfairly, I swear!) in the Washington Post for being a clueless mom who had failed him miserably in brown bag lunch assembly.

The entire humiliating article is online for all to see. Evidently, some enterprising young reporter from the Style section had decided to hang out at the garbage barrel at Lafayette Elementary School and interview the kids as they threw away their lunches. This fab piece of reportage is hilarious and timeless. It all still applies.

Anyway, my forthright little cutie and his various miscreant pals were quoted thusly:
"Are you taking complaints?" asks 8-year-old Jason Swesnik, approaching the lunch table where I am observing sandwich styles. "I don’t like getting soap in my milk. My Mom doesn’t rinse out the thermos well enough."

In another corner, 5-year-old Norman Suter is throwing away a full can of Del Monte fruit cup, which his mother puts in his lunch often and which he throws away every time.

Standing at the same trash can is 5-year-old Abram Naparstek, discarding his entire cheese sandwich. "I like cheese sandwiches. I threw it out because it has mayonnaise on it. I hate mayonnaise."

Aversion to mayonnaise is common at this age. Parents are either slow to grasp this fact or believe exposure will weaken resistance..

Needless to say, my therapy clients on both sides of the Potomac read this news that morning with some alarm. I mean, can you entrust your most interior thoughts and feelings to a woman who doesn’t even know her kid hates mayonnaise???

So I’m taking this opportunity to redeem my honor, for once and for all. NO WAY was there mayonnaise on that cheese sandwich. I knew he hated mayo. That was butter, for crying out loud! O! How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!!

Well, we’re again reviewing new resources for our Spring catalog - CDs, videos, DVD’s, books and cassettes that provide listeners and/or viewers with an exceptional, guided healing practice. So if you have a professional quality, first-rate, impeccable piece of work that you feel merits consideration for distribution, please send it to us for review at Health Journeys Inc, 891 Moe Drive, Suite C, Akron, Ohio 44310. Remember, we’re only interested in experiential media - imagery, meditation, breathwork, yoga, qigong, acupressure and the like. And it has to be professional quality.

Well, the title for the new book on imagery and trauma has indeed been chosen. It’s going to be called Invisible Heroes: Trauma Survivors and How They Heal, and it’s coming out in September of 2004. I’m still collecting healing resources for the Appendix - helpful books, websites, healing methods, practitioner lists, audios, DVD’s and videos, for survivors with PTSD and the practitioners who treat them. So if you have a suggestion, please let me know at [email protected] I’ll check it out.

When you have a minute, check out the calendar for the new workshops and conferences that are being put in place for 2004/2005 at .

On February 19th, I’ll be giving 2 consecutive keynotes on imagery and trauma in Las Vegas at the popular, Sixth Annual Mastering Counseling Skills with the Masters. In addition, Daniel Siegel will be speaking on neurobiology, and Martin Seligman on positive psychology, among other luninaries. You can register at 877.633.2237 or by clicking on . Up to 24 continuing education hours are available, for psychologists, social workers, nurses, marriage and family therapists and counselors.

Then, on the weekend of March 14-16th, I’ll be at the extremely gorgeous and way upscale new Omega retreat center in Austin, Texas - The Crossings, where I’ll be offering my new material from the book on imagery and trauma, for both practitioners and trauma survivors in the general public - lots of information and healing imagery experiences to be had, with CEUs for the practitioners. A more complete description of the workshop and the place can be found at and you can register online or by calling the excellent staff at 877.944.3003.

On April 30th, I’ll be in my old stompin’ grounds of Washington DC, presenting more info and imagery on posttraumatic stress and how to treat it, at an extraordinary weekend that also features Bessel van der Kolk, John Briere, Otto Kernberg and many more exciting speakers. More info can be found at 877.633.2237 or .

That’s it for now. Take care and be well.