Cindy continues to convert our charmingly outdated cassettes to CD format .. Behold, we now have Cardiac ICU & Rehab , Dialysis, Stroke, HIV,Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplant and Bienestar Global available as CDs.. Hello!
Some of you will be very glad to know that we’ve continued to convert our charmingly outdated cassettes to CD format. So, for the first time, we now have the following titles available as CDs: See? We listen to you guys!
Well, the goddesses at The ConferenceWorks have put together a new calendar for the spa-resort weekend workshops on Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and the New Therapies. This year they’re focusing more on the East Coast. The lineup is looking like this:

For the complete, 9-CEU story, with a full description of the content, registration info and links to these obscenely gorgeous venues, click on .

And do keep in mind that, as a special perk, our distributors can sign up early at a discount off the registration price of the workshop. Just tell ‘em that you’re a Health Journeys distributor and The ConferenceWorks! will check you off on the list and give you the discount.

Well, for the 14th year in a row, GlaxoSmithkline (formerly Smithkline Beecham) has reordered our chemotherapy audios as a freebie for oncology nurses and docs to give away to their patients. We are deeply grateful to GSK for ensuring that literally hundreds of thousands of people have gotten introduced to guided imagery and have gotten to use it, free of charge, to alleviate fear, stress, fatigue, discouragement, depression and sometimes even nausea, during the course of their chemo treatment. We could never have reached so many people without this program.

If you’re an oncology health professional and want to know how to get your hands on these freebies for your peeps, contact Rich Coleman at 800.800.8661 or [email protected]

OK, that’s all for now. Take care and be well,