At the risk of being shamelessly unoriginal, we’re offering you some really fine special sales, designed to give your New Year’s resolutions a boost.. for one thing, we have a truly splendid and multifaceted Weight Loss Combo Pack that combines the work of Martha Howard, David Illig and moi.. Well,
I guess it’s that time of year again. I can see it at the gym each morning, even at the ungodly hour I frequent it - the place is packed with folks who’d been AWOL, now newly filled with steely resolve, sweating and panting their way back into shape. You can also tell from TV and the newspaper - feature stories ad nauseam on health, smoking reduction, weight loss, organizing your closet, overcoming procrastination, forgiving your mother, you name it. I assume from all this media prompting that it’s time to make good on those earnest New Year’s Resolutions we made in paroxysms of self-loathing or self-love, whichever attitude worked best.

So, at the risk of being shamelessly unoriginal, we’re joining the crowd, by offering you some really fine special sales along some of these shape-up lines. For one thing, we have a splendid Weight Loss Combo Pack - a personal favorite of mine - that consists of 3 CDs by 3 different experts with 3 entirely different but equally effective techniques. Together the work of each of these practitioners complements and synergizes the combo. Martha Howard’s and David Illig’s approach are very powerful and effective, and very different from mine. It’s a very effective bag of tricks for returning to healthy weight, empowering behavior and emotional resiliency.

We’ve also put Self-Confidence & Peak Performance on sale, to help with your resolutions about sailing through the next hair-raising challenge with a "Can-Do" attitude. And Steve Kohn’s Music from Health Journeys, consisting of our glorious composer’s Music for Meditation and Music for Motivation, serves as background to keep you pumped and primed for continued self-improvement.

Also, our brand new CD by Lynne Newman, Song of the Soul - a gorgeous, unique and divinely inspired guided meditation, designed to provide spiritual nourishment and illuminate your inner world - is flying out of our warehouse, I’m delighted to say. Check it out!

OK, time to get to the gym and my trusty treadmill.

Take care and be well.