We got this note in March from Japan, from a friend of a friend who is living there.

“I caught this poem on NHK today [Japanese TV Channel], so it may be missing some words (and it was hurriedly translated by me), but I think I caught the main concept.  March is the month of graduation in Japan, and even in the devastated areas of Japan, some children graduated.  In one school, the children of the tsunami-stricken area who graduated chose to recite the poem rather than singing their school song.  They recited with a big smile, pledging not to give up after losing so much.

There is something for all of us to learn from these kids.

Graduation poem

Carry the sun inside your heart

No matter how dark the sky appears

No matter what catastrophes the earth holds

Carry the sun inside your heart

NHK, the Japanese TV channel, is so full of inspiring comments from the citizens, and I am so touched by how they are encouraged to have hope.  Some of them have lost everything -- family, house, a job -- and they are all struggling to make some sense out of this loss.  Some question how they will go on to live.  Some are grateful that while they lost some family members, they were given the remaining family members.  They start to complain, and then they quickly say, ‘But we are the lucky ones compared to some others.’