Practitioners are excited to report that adding guided imagery to sessions of acupuncture, Reiki and yoga instruction seems to enhance the positive results and symptom relief derived from the primary technique.. Hello everyone. This weekend we had our last workshop of the year that covers general imagery and healing, in Bloomingdale IL, just outside of Chicago. It was a wonderful group, and several practitioners reported some interesting findings when they combined imagery with other modalities.

One internist who uses imagery CDs along with his acupuncture work reported excellent results – far better results than with the acupuncture alone. A Reiki practitioner found that adding guided imagery significantly enhanced the outcomes of her Reiki work (see Inspiring Story for this week). And two yoga instructors found that incorporating guided imagery as part of their cool down segment at the end of the session helped people integrate the gains made during class.

We’ve had many requests for me to offer some kind of intensive, certificate, clinical training in guided imagery, and in fact The Conferenceworks! was going to sponsor two weeklong trainings this past year. But my husband got sick and I didn’t want to be away from home that long, so we scrubbed the idea. Now we will be taking a second look at that idea for 2005. So stay tuned if you are interested in such an offering. And if you let me know who you are, I’ll give your name to them and they can contact you directly.

My new book on imagery and trauma, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal, will be out August 31st, and I’ll be giving three workshops on the material in it, scheduled in three different, highly traumatized cities: New York, Oklahoma City and Washington DC.

On October 23-24, I’ll be in New Brunswick, NJ with a ton of this new material, designed for immediate, practical use by trauma survivors and those who help them; on November 13-14, I’ll be in OKC; and on November 20-21, I’ll be in Bethesda MD. If you click on our Events page, you can get the particulars and the contact information. Or you can go directly to the brochure posted at .

On another note entirely, we were very excited to see that both our guided imagery tapes for Surgery and our music tapes alone helped GYN laparoscopy patients with post-op pain at Concord Hospital in Concord NH. Check out our new Hot Research item this week and see for yourself.

OK, that’s it for now. Take care and be well,