Time to Review More Titles for Our Next Catalog

We welcome your submissions of audios and videos (imagery, meditation, breathwork, yoga, qigong, etc) for us to review for our next catalog… Hello again!

Now that I’m off the road for a bit (grandbaby visits notwithstanding), I’ll be reviewing more materials for our next catalog, as they come to me by way of our screening team in Akron. You’re welcome to submit your audios and videos to us for review - just remember that we are looking for experiential content, not lecture material (at least not primarily). Our emphasis has always been on guided exercises (imagery, meditation, relaxation, breathwork, yoga, qigung, etc) that are healing in and of themselves - "media as medicine", so to speak. And we always like to have a look at something geared to help with a specific condition or health challenge, if it’s not too obscure.

Submitted work has to be professionally and expertly produced and packaged if you want us to distribute it as it is. Every now and then we’ll offer to clean up and repackage some excellent work with middling production values, and produce it under our HJ label, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

I’m working away on some new guided imagery for Caregiver Stress. My thanks to so many of you who’ve contributed comments, suggestions and personal experiences - it’s an immeasurable help! I’m hoping to have that program ready to record, along with a much-requested CD for general Immune System Support, by early fall.

Being back on the Vineyard, I’m reminded to tell you about the heavenly holistic pet shop here, Good Dog Goods. It boasts soothing pet music with CDs of Dog Dreams and Cat Dreams; tasty but healthy, organic treats and chemical-free grooming products; and a host of other quirky, funny, endearing gifts for the pet-lovers in your life.

Okay, take care and be well!