Now that I’m getting ready to make some new Health Journeys guided imagery, please add your ideas for which topics you’d like to see me address! Add your wishes on our discussion page .. Hello, folks.

It feels especially good to be back on Martha’s Vineyard this year. The sunlight is amazing, and, even when it rains, it’s still gorgeous. I’m not sure how that works, but it’s true.

Of course, right off the bat, I went looking for my pal the nesting swan, our regal totem animal who oversaw the making of the pregnancy/childbirth imagery 3 summers ago, and who returns each year to this little piece of heaven.

She was not at her usual post (a clump of bulrushes on a pond she especially favors). With my trusty binoculars (given to me by firstborn son Aaron, who is convinced I’m well on my way to becoming a dotty old bird lady), I went scouting for her.

Imagine my surprise when I came upon her, giddily carrying on with her boyfriend, in a handily hidden back inlet. They were snuggling and smooching, swan style, and couldn’t stand being more than a foot from each other. Needless to say, she had no time for me. I muttered, "Carry on" and went on my way. I guess it’s too soon for nesting, but now I at least know it’s sure to follow..

I’m very excited about the terrific response we’re getting to our call for suggestions for new audio topics! Please add yours to the mix, over on our discussion page. We take each and ever suggestion to heart, even if we can’t make ‘em all. This will be a huge help when it’s time to decide what’s coming next. Thanks so much!

Take care and be well.