Cindy informs me that we’ve got our new stuff posted on the New Products page, so, as of today, you can get a preview of these terrific new goodies and order them early.. Well, there are so many pairs of swans carrying on and necking shamelessly on this island (Martha’s Vineyard, for those of you who came in late), I’m not even sure which one is mine any more. It’s a feathered love-fest everywhere you turn. The cold weather must have gotten these lovebirds (literally) off to a late start or something, because I can’t remember a June like this. The ducks and geese are no slouches either. They’re putting the mammals to shame. Everywhere you go, you’re tripping over ducks in love.

Cindy informs me that we’ve got our new stuff posted on the New Products page, so you can get a preview of the terrific new goodies we’ve added and order them from this site early. These titles will appear in our next catalog in a month, but, yes, you saw them here first.

We’ve got some spectacular, new CDs - Amy Weintraub’s Breathe to Beat the Blues is terrific, as is Karen Sothers’ set of brief meditations, Sacred Pause. We have two superb workbook-plus-CD experiences - David Bresler’s Break Your Smoking Habit and Barbara Holtzman’s Conscious Eating, Conscious Living: A Practical Guide to Making Peace with Food and Your Body. We have a wonderful new yoga video by our longtime favorite, Susan Winter Ward, called Accessible Yoga for Every Body, and an exciting new video on energy work and self-acupressure by that intuitive dynamo teacher, Donna Eden, called Introduction to Energy Healing.

We’ve added four books with imagery narrations in them, three of them well-loved classics that have stood the test of time: Maureen Murdock’s imagery for kids and teens, called Spinning Inward; Julie Lusk’s second volume of imagery scripts, 30 Scripts, Volume 2; and Guided Imagery for Groups by Andrew Schwartz. In addition, you can pre-order my new book, destined for an August 31st pub date: Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal, and I’ll personalize your copy with an autograph, along with any message you request, for yourself or a friend.

And of course, we also have the two extraordinary 5-CD-plus-5-aromatherapy-bottles Tranquilities Series for Stress, and Tranquilities Series for Cancer, with passages from Psalms at the core of the excellent imagery, by Rev. Donna Shenk and Robert Miller ND.

And, as many of you know, I’m now taking suggestions for what topics to focus on for the next Health Journeys guided imagery audios I’ll be creating this year. Please add your ideas/wishes/thoughts on our discussion page - it’s very helpful to hear from you!

Okay, back to some racy swan-watching.
Take care and be well,