In looking over my calendar, I see I’ll be in some new cities for speaking events this year and next: Durham in just a couple weeks, Phoenix, Richmond and Sacramento.. and returning to Chautauqua and Monterey.. Greetings!

Well, my speaking schedule is starting to get fleshed out for next year, and you can find new postings of events on our calendar page. I’m trying to travel less and speak to larger groups these days - too much work to do at home, not to mention too many delicious grandbabies to visit and slobber over.

Some new cities I’ll be visiting, that I haven’t been to in a long while or haven’t been to at all: Phoenix, Richmond and Sacramento. And of course it will be a pleasure to return to Chautauqua and Monterey. Stay tuned, as more gets posted in the days and weeks to come.

Hey, check out our brand, spanking new catalog pages! . They''re live at long last. If you have the time, please feel free to root around in there, and let us know how you like it! ... and what you don''t like about it, too. There are always some glitches to be worked out, and we''ll be tweaking for some time to come. Basically, we thought the old pages were way too cumbersome and confusing. Hopefully this is a much easier, clearer way to find stuff and shop.

One of the new offerings we’ve put together for those of you who could use a little more sleep: our Sleep Combo Pack. We’ve gotten great feedback on this sale pack, and we can barely keep it in stock. It features 3 different kinds of immersive meditations to snooze to, depending on what you’re in the mood for: we have KRS Edstroms'' guided relaxation and imagery, Sleep Through Insomnia; Michael Reed Gach''s Sleep Better acu-yoga technique; and my good ole, standard, multi-sensory, body-based guided imagery, Healthful Sleep . Together, these three CD programs work synergistically to provide a powerful sleep program that can compete with Ambien any day, and it provides enough variety to keep you on track. The pack is also at a $11 savings.

OK, that’s it for now. Take care and be well!