Just Like Starting Over

Well, it’s finally the week we’ve been anxiously awaiting … Moving Week.   

Apparently, we’ve chosen one of the biggest moving weeks of the entire year.  And, rightfully so!

Many folks move this time of year for the sake of getting settled before children head back to school, or because it’s common to take vacation time during this season.  With the nice weather, you can open up windows and properly clean out spaces – maybe have a garage sale. 

Moreover, who the heck wants to move in the cold of winter?  Not me, not us.

Of course moving can be stressful.  There is a lot to be done! There are unexpected moments of discovery; of old packed away boxes that get your mind reeling into past experiences and days long since forgotten.  

And then there’s everything that needs to be set-up; to comfortably move into the new space.   

For us, at Health Journeys, it’s a Big Change.  This move means that some people will have a longer commute each day, and will be saying goodbye to their second home of nearly 20 years.   

But this move represents more than just a physical relocation. It represents our rebirth and taking strategic, transformative steps into the future.

No, we aren’t being reincarnated or anything. We’ve got big plans!  This Renaissance entails increasing production, and services to our customers.  It means moving to a cloud-based platform that allows us to provide seamless transactions. 

It’s about expanding our digital audio libraries on platforms like iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.  It also means hiring interns to help us with our new marketing strategies, and qualified sales professionals to expand our reach into hospital systems, HMOs and EAPs.   

We’ve already been increasing our streaming services through in-room broadcasting in hospitals, on bedside tablets and via uploads to patient smart phones and MP3 players, via killer apps of all sorts.  We’ll be adding to our list of mind-body titles – producing more audios to help people to be at their very best.   

Just like John Lennon says:

“It's time to spread our wings and flyWell
Don't let another day go by, my love
It'll be just like starting over…”

And, although we’re hardly starting from scratch, this move signifies that Health Journeys is on a new path of expansion – creating its own fresh, new journey, exploding its reach all over the world, to transform  minds, bodies, psyches and spirits, producing healthier and happier lives.

We invite you to follow us along our journey as we share in yours.  
Cheers to the future – for you and for us!  

Jonathan Goldsmith, COO