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  1. Got Something For ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

    Got Something For ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

    We got this query from a therapist looking for resources for ADHD. He didn't specify the age group he was working with, so we gave him a range of suggestions that covered all the bases. We also reminded him that recent research shows that any steady practice of mindfulness meditation has been found to help with this.

    Dear Belleruth,

    I am a clinical social worker in private practice. My question: do you offer a product that is specific for ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).


    Ray M, LCSW

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  2. Pediatrician Seeks Relaxing Guided Imagery for Kids with Tics, Tourette’s

    Pediatrician Seeks Relaxing Guided Imagery for Kids with Tics, Tourette’s


    Hi, Belleruth,
    I had the pleasure of hearing you lecture at the University of Arizona Integrative Fellowship Program. I practice developmental and behavioral pediatrics, and frequently recommend your CDs to my patients with great results.

    I am wondering if you know of any guided imagery CDs that specifically addresses tics/Tourette Syndrome? I know guided imagery can be helpful and I found a self-hypnosis script for tics in the "Harry the Hypnopotamus" series, but it would be great if I could find something on a CD, as the "Harry" books run about $90!

    I see so many kids that are bothered by their tics and it seems to me this would be a great topic for guided imagery/self-hypnosis. Thanks in advance!

    Dr. D.

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  3. What to Give a Very Anxious Twelve-Year-Old Facing Major Surgery

    What to Give a Very Anxious Twelve-Year-Old Facing Major Surgery

    We just got this question from a concerned mother, whose 12-yr-old daughter is facing major surgery and is feeling a lot of anxiety and trepidation over it.

    Dear Belleruth,

    My 12 year old daughter is about to have major surgery. She is very anxious. Do u have a guided imagery that is appropriate?

    Concerned Mom

    Dear Mom,

    Yes, we do have guided imagery for her, and the good news is that two different studies – one out of Columbia Presbyterian and one from Blue Shield's HMO in California – showed that the more anxious the person was, the more they benefitted from listening to pre-surgery guided imagery. Counter-intuitive but true. We've noticed this on our end too, just from the feedback we've gotten in the office and keep on getting.

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  4. What Can this Grade School Teacher Do for Her Traumatized Kids?

    What Can this Grade School Teacher Do for Her Traumatized Kids?



    I need guided imagery for elementary school students living in violence. The Invisible Heroes book looks wonderful, but does it have anything for trauma in children?

    I am a counselor working in a large elementary school, and I need something that I can use with groups of children. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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  5. What Are Good Resources for Hospitalized Kids??

    What Are Good Resources for Hospitalized Kids??

    Dear BR,
    I'm a member of the Integrative Medicine team at a large, progressive hospital system in suburban Chicago. We received a large grant for pediatric interventions and I've been asked to provide guided imagery for children with short and longer term health-related challenges. Was wondering if you would recommend any specific resources I might check out to enhance my Guided Imagery work with children.


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  6. A Brooklyn Grand Slam on Multiple Levels…

    We were given this wonderful, inspiring story years ago, and it just recently re-surfaced – it's definitely time to share it again. Enjoy!

    In Brooklyn, New York, Chush is a school that caters to special ed children. Some children remain in Chush for their entire school career, while others can be mainstreamed into conventional schools.

    At a Chush fundraising dinner, the father of a Chush child delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended.

    After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he cried out, "Where is the perfection in my son Shaya? Everything God does is done with perfection. But my child cannot understand things as other children do. My child cannot remember facts and figures as other children do. Where is God's perfection?"

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  7. Another Wily Little Squeezer Who Won’t Sleep

    Another Wily Little Squeezer Who Won’t Sleep

    A mom writes:
    My very active, sociable little 7-month-old is adorable in every way, but he is not a great sleeper.  I get the feeling he doesn’t want to miss anything by napping.  It’s been a challenge getting things done, because the little guy NEVER naps.

    Rocking him and settling him down has never quite worked.  Just as he starts to relax, he realizes he’s about to fall asleep, and he jerks awake and wants to play some more. 

    I decided to try playing BR’s sleep CD for him, which has always worked for me, while rocking him, and, lo and behold, the little live wire fell asleep!!!  I now play the Healthful Sleep CD whenever I need him to nap.  So far, so good, it works like a charm.  I don’t know if it’s because it affects me and I’m holding him, or if it just affects him directly, and I don’t really care.  I can get some laundry and dishes done.  What a thrill!  (sarcasm).

    Grateful Chicago Mom

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  8. A New Variation on that Age-Old Kid Refrain: You Are Not the Boss of Me!

    I’m not sure you could call this video clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show inspiring, but it’s pretty hilarious.  This little 3-yr-old is making the case to his mom to let him have a cupcake. The substance of his argument is that Grandma lets him have them.
    He’s buttressing his ask with a dazzling display of swagger.  I’d love to meet the person who’s been modeling this behavior for the little dude.  Or maybe not...
    In any case, it’s wildly comic to see this behavior in a little squeezer, but this mom, who’s sort of holding her own here, may need a team of parenting coaches in the future, just to stay a half-step ahead of her little litigator as he gets older.
    Seriously, if you do nothing else today, check this out - guaranteed comic relief.

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  9. Resources to Help with the Sudden, Unexplained Death of a Toddler


    I'm looking for the best CD's for some friends who have experienced the loss of a child, Magnolia. She was 22 months old when they found her dead in her crib one morning for no apparent reason - SUCD (Sudden Unexplained Childhood Death).

    This happened a year ago in January 2013. (I'm not sure why I didn't think of something from Health Journeys sooner.  I too lost a child 27 years ago before I knew of Health Journeys)

    They have struggled and do struggle mightily. They are expecting a baby again in late spring and also have another daughter, who is 7.

    I would like suggestions for both the couple and the daughter. They have processed very openly and publicly with a blog, a book donation drive for children through the New York Public Library ($40,000 so far), and services in the Bronx and Denver, CO area, both when Magnolia died and at the one-year anniversary of her loss.

    The pain is still quite raw as they deal with how wrong it is that Magnolia is not with them or in this world, and even that any healing means they are more separated from her.  

    Additionally, we are good friends with Magnolia's grandmother and would love suggestions for her.

    Best, V.

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  10. Anger Management in Prison, Thanks to a Little Guided Imagery

    A while back you posted a story by a corrections counselor, and this inspires me to share another story.  I, too, am a social worker who works with incarcerated youth.  They are all being tried as adults.  The jail where they are being housed has started to let one inmate listen to an imagery recording on anger and forgiveness.  He is on lockdown for fighting with another inmate who ruined his food.
    He had only begun to listen to the audio, and maybe had heard it three times.
    He became very angry about his situation and began pacing back and forth in his cell, trying to decide what to do.  He wanted to charge his peer when his cell door was opened.  He paced and paced, then he lay down on his bunk and continued to ruminate.  (This alone was progress, as in the past he reacted so impulsively, he would not have ever thought about his actions and consequences before acting.)

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