Hello all.

We got a really interesting note from a therapist, offering his personal feedback on using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) first, then guided imagery, to help him with weight loss.

Here is what he wrote:

Love your guided imagery work.  But the Weight Loss CD did not stick. I tried listening to it and my internal opposition would have none of "it."  It sat idle on my mp3 player for two years.  I then tried EFT sessions for weight loss and experienced amazing results.  The other day I bumped into your Weight Loss guided imagery and noticed the internal opposition was gone.  I now use it and find it to be a great support tool for the work I am already doing.

This feedback lines up with other suggestions we've gotten over the years from practitioners and researchers about combining guided imagery simultaneously with Healing Touch; also with bilateral tapping, EMDR style; with massage therapy; and during the final few minutes of a yoga session - to name just a few of the options we've heard about.   

In fact, we were so taken what this therapist had to say (and already persuaded about the impact of energy psychology and the tapping of acupoints) and knowing we had world-class, tip-top tapper (and clinical social worker) Mary Sise's awesome video in the warehouse anyway, we put together an ingenious new combo pack: our weight loss imagery with Mary's tapping method, so anyone who wants to, can try this out. (And, by the way, Mary's method is good for any stuck belief system, habit, attitude or self-concept - not just around weight loss!)  So do check it our brand, spanking new combo, featured on our ad bar.


And speaking of Mary and getting rid of limiting beliefs, she's pitching an EFT show to Oprah's new TV network. She's come up with the stellar idea of helping people who want to get rid of a suffocating belief or attitude that's holding them back from accomplishing something important to their lives.  The idea is that after helping her guest define the limiting belief down to its very essence, our uber-therapist then gives them an acupoint tapping protocol with targeted affirmations to unstick the lousy self-concept and institute a better one. (Those of you who have tried her EFT video know whereof I speak.) 

The best part is that members of the viewing audience can then tap and affirm along with the guest.  (Can you imagine how many procrastinators, just as an example, would be glued to the set, tapping their perfectionistic little hearts out??  Wow.  This could be some innovative kind of free therapy… and what an empowering TV alternative to gnashing our teeth whilst helplessly watching oil gush into the Gulf of Mexico!)

Anyway, if you want to view Mary's 3-minute pitch to Oprah, click here:  And if you're taken with this idea, give her a thumbs-up vote - just click on the 'vote' button.  And if you want to add your 2 cents worth on the discussion section under the video, by all means, have at it.  The voting closes on July 3rd. 

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