Lake Travis Integrative Medicine's Whole Body Approach to Health

One of the core principles of integrative medicine is the idea that health is as much about mind and spirit as it is about the body. Another is that promoting health and preventing illness are as important as treating disease. Sound familiar?

It does to us – and that’s why integrative practitioner Julie Reardon, MD, has added Health Journeys’ guided meditations to the services she offers through Lake Travis Integrative Medicine in the Austin, Texas area.

“Doctor Julie,” as her patients call her, is a Fellow of the University of Arizona’s Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM), a groundbreaking and rigorous academic curriculum established by Dr. Andrew Weil. She’s also a proponent of functional medicine, the idea that symptoms can sometimes signal underlying biological issues.

Doctor Julie’s practice combines the latest evidence-based treatments with traditional cultural and medicinal practices for a holistic, whole-body approach to health. She believes that the body’s own brilliance can lead to mental, physical, and spiritual transformation, right down to the cellular level. And above all, she believes in supporting patients’ own innate ability to heal and empowering them to take greater control of their health – an approach that is ideally suited to the power of guided imagery.

“We use guided meditation to calm anxiety and promote a deeper sense of self-awareness, gratitude, and overall well-being,” she says.

The website for Lake Travis Integrative Medicine includes a patient resources page with a link to a branded page of 15 Health Journeys audios.

The page includes full-length audios for wellness, she offers English and Spanish audios to relieve stress, enhance relaxation and wellness, relieve depression pain and fatigue, health and immune response, and self-care and wellness, as well as a handful of audios less than five minutes long for patients who want to “take five” to calm and center themselves. 


“We work with Health Journeys because they allow us to provide a resource for our patients to promote healing, relax, reset, and form a deeper connection with their minds and their bodies,” Doctor Julie says.

Dr Julie