My dear fellow slacker, procrastinator holiday shoppers!!  Even if you’ve blown your deadline for holiday shopping and feel like an utter, unredeemable slug, here’s the good news: thanks to the wonders of cybertechnology, you can still  come off as the timely, responsible, thoughtful person we all know you really are, with an instantaneous, digital gift!!  How about that?  We all get to have our cakes and eat them too!  I love it when this is possible. 


And, I mean, speaking of cakes, don’t you honestly think giving some relaxing, anxiety-lowering, blood pressure-reducing, cholesterol-dropping, hemoglobin A1c-lessening guided imagery is preferable to one of those dreaded, 800-pound, super-compressed, stick-in-your-fillings fruitcakes? Think about this, people!  (And if you are one of the .0015% of the population who actually makes a tasty fruitcake, my heartfelt apologies.)

And, as for the rest of you pathologically responsible types who finished your holiday gift selections some time last July, I have little to say to you except,

Have a wonderful, happy, safe holiday, filled with all good things!

From all the staff here at Health Journeys, and me too.

All best,