Last week, amid cheers and hurrahs from the staff, we heard from 2 different women Last week was a great week for feedback on our infertility imagery. We heard from 2 different women, one right after the other. The whole office was cheering. We’re starting to think that maybe we should have a batch of Health Journeys baby T-shirts to hand out as a "Congratulations!".

We heard from a very jubilant Holly Copeland first:

Hello. I''m writing this note to express my immense gratitude for your Health Journeys infertility series. I used these tapes to get through over a year of painfully difficult infertility problems. And, I can''t tell you how helpful the tapes were!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! They were a constant source of solace and comfort through a very challenging time. When I was really feeling down, I could always count on these tapes to get me through.

I''m happy to report that I''m 13 weeks pregnant with twins -- and back on the website to order the pregnancy series . Please know that Health Journeys is making a difference in people''s lives!

Peace and blessings,
Holly Copeland

P.S. You’re welcome to post my email/story on your website. Feel free to use my name.

[Ed. Note: Holly is going to keep us informed of her progress. She is to consider us her cheering section.]

And then, just to make things even more exciting and glorious, we got this happy email, just a day later from Gina Strauss:

Dear BR, I recently purchased your infertility tapes. The first time I listened to them, I started crying with relief. The peaceful words that were spoken helped me to relax, let go, and trust the true intelligence of my body.

I found out last week that I am pregnant!! After 15 months of trying!! One of the first things I did was to order the CD''s for Healthy Pregnancy. I just got them in the mail yesterday and listened to them twice in one day. After listening to them, I feel much calmer and able to handle all the new feelings (physical and emotional) that come during this precious time!!

Because of my past history, I am still worried about something happening to the baby before the end of my first trimester, but with the CD''s, I know that I will be able to work through this fear and continue to relax, let go, and trust in the true intelligence of my body.

Gina Strauss
P.S. You may post my message with my name. I would love to be included

[Ed. note: So, Gina, we’re rooting for you! Keep us informed!]