Last week we got a joyous note from a trauma survivor with longterm PTSD about how guided imagery has helped put her longstanding efforts toward healing, over the top, into a sense of safety and joy... This arrived last week by email:

Dear Health Journeys Staff,
I have experienced effects of trauma over many years in the forms of looping into thoughts of negative self-image and anxiety about my safety. My life had been getting more and more narrow and rigid despite my attempts to constantly reassure myself. Over twenty years of psychotherapy helped me identify my issues, then EMDR helped a lot to erase a suicidal tape. Then I found your guided imagery!

I have been listening to the Healing Trauma/PTSD CD together with Anger & Forgiveness CD for the past 3 weeks and I am almost giddy with delight that my whole sense of safety has lightened. I feel much more attuned to the present moment and appreciative of the choices that I have; I feel more ease of being and there is more space for me to realize my path...

Some of the trauma experience has been locked in my body without direct memory access, but today I felt this shift viscerally! I was able to process the trauma experience more deeply in therapy and for the first time without a sense of jarring and near loss of consciousness. I feel so good! I feel so safe! And I understand that I am!


[Ed. Note: HJ writes back,
Dear Anita,
Thank you so much for sharing this. It helps a lot to hear stories like this - not just because it makes us happy from a personal standpoint (which it of course does), but because we need this sort of information in the field - about how these right brain, non-linear therapies can help heal longstanding trauma in a deep, body-based way that is frequently inaccessible otherwise. The field is so new, we are just beginning to figure this out. So thank you! We wish you the very best of continued strength, joy and healing!
Belleruth & HJ Staff]