Here’s a moving rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah from an 8 year old Gospel singer with a big voice named Rhema.

Hearing Cohen’s tortured, powerful poetry… his grown-up wrestling with ageless, complicated themes, coming out of this cute little kid’s mouth, is a little weird but moving nonetheless.  It’s as if her voice understands what her young brain couldn’t possibly know yet.  

Plus, thanks to this video, we finally get to see the lyrics, which I never fully heard before.  Yikes.  

[Question: Did Cohen purposely conflate Bathsheba (roof-bathing) with Delilah (haircut)?  Yeah, I think so.  Seems to me the guy knew his Bible, so this has to be his way of speaking universally about temptation,  the meeting ground of sexuality and spirituality, and our bent human proclivities toward violence and aggression…. which makes it all the more disorienting, being sung by a kid.  But if you close your eyes and forget she’s eight, this is one song that will grab you and refuse to let go.]