Listen Up, People! A Free Webinar with None Other than Peter Levine!

Listen up, good people!

peter-levineOn Wednesday, November 19th, one of my all time favorite trauma experts – none other than the brilliant treatment innovator Peter Levine, creator of Somatic Experiencing - will be offering this week's free webinar for NICABM, as part of their new series, Rethinking Trauma: The Third Wave of Trauma Treatment.

Whenever I'm asked by a therapist which of the many new trauma therapies they should train in if they only have time for one, I answer that if they've got the time and money, Somatic Experiencing is the one. It's just such an elegantly effective protocol that makes the most sense, because it's body-based, just like trauma is, and because it's the least likely to create distress, activate symptoms or get clients stuck in ugly experiences of the past. (And by the way, it's superb for treating many conditions, not just PTS).

Again, it's free at the time of broadcast and you can sign up here.

Peter will be dispensing some very juicy, powerful and useful clinical wisdom. Check out his agenda:

  • How Trauma Cascades from One Generation to the Next
  • Working Through the Unintended Consequences of Western Bias in Trauma Therapy
  • What Animal Reactions to Trauma Can Teach Us About Helping Clients Cope with PTSD
  • How to Help Patients Work with Sensations in the Present so That They Can Process Traumatic Memories More Productively
  • How Different Types of Memory Can Contribute to the Traumatic Experience
  • Reliving and Revisiting: A Useful Strategy that Can Help Your Clients Work Through Trauma with More Stability and Presence

The guy has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to the study of trauma and its treatment, and his work will shape the field for years to come. If you treat trauma or if you've survived it, don't miss this if you can help it.

Here'e the link again for signing up to watch his free broadcast. There's also a very active discussion forum under the video screen, where you can connect with other practitioners. It's a wonderful community of ideas, practice suggestions and connection.

And if you want to be really hard-core about this, you can register for a Gold Membership and get all 6 webinars in the Rethinking Trauma series (on Ruthie's roster of heavy hitters are Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Pat Ogden, Dan Siegel and Sebern Fisher – how do you like them apples?). And she throws in downloadable videos, audio recordings, and professionally edited transcripts for each teleseminar. It's pricey but very much worth it.

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P.S. For years we've carried Peter's excellent audio of meditations geared to survivors of sexual abuse, Sexual Healing: Transforming the Sacred Wound, We're longtime fans.

P.P.S. Breakthroughs in trauma treatment are happening at a dizzying pace – almost impossible to keep up with, if it's not your full time job. Ruth serves a vital function by keeping us abreast of what's new that actually works. That's of great consequence and another reason to take advantage of these webinars.