Listening to Guided Imagery Three Successive Nights before Surgery

We got this message from a "Happy Tape User" after his surgery to remove a pituitary adenoma.

Best we can tell from sales, the use of guided imagery before surgery has really skyrocketed. Even on Amazon, Successful Surgery is a bestseller, way up there with with Healthful Sleep and Relieve Stress.

Here is the note:

Hi Belleruth,

First, I wanted to thank you for your guided imagery. I've used many of your titles over the years and have always been pleased with the results. However, I was extremely happy with the results on the last one I used: "Successful Surgery."

I had pituitary surgery to remove a pituitary adenoma. I listened to the imagery 3 times at bedtime for 3 nights prior to the surgery. The surgery was extremely successful, and my surgeons were happy with the results.

The imagery also gave me something I could do for myself to feel empowered going into the surgery. Four weeks out I'm doing great. Thank you.


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