Some of you may remember C.J., the terrific youngster who underwent bone marrow transplantation way back in 2001.  We had just completed recording the Bone Marrow Transplantation imagery – it wasn’t duplicated or packaged yet – but we sent a rough studio copy to him, at his mother’s request (everyone should have an advocate like this awesome Momma, let me tell you!!). 

As many of you know, BMT is no day at the beach.  C.J. was clobbered by a killer chemo cocktail that came close to wiping him out along with the cancer.  He had a tough time of it, but this guy was a trooper, and he had an amazing cheering section by way of his family and friends.  We followed his progress with great interest, hearing from his redoubtable Mom every few months.

Last we heard, he was doing okay.  In the summer of 2004, his Mom wrote:

Dear Belleruth,
Long time!
C.J. just moved into a dorm at a local university.  Getting back a social life has been tough.  His friends have always been caring, but C.J.'s health has not allowed him to keep up with them. He has a girlfriend!!, She's super. We still have many hurdles to cross and are grateful to be crossing them.
His donor from Boston has, after 11 years of trying, had a baby boy, Dominic Christopher.  We haven't confirmed it, but think the Christopher is for C.J. (Christopher John).
Take care, All our love and gratitude,
Robyn, Matt & C.J.

After that, we’d heard nothing.  All of us in Akron thought about him and kept our fingers crossed for his continued recovery, but heard nothing more.  That probably worried us a little.  In any case, there was much hooping and hollering in Akron last week, when this email arrived from his rock star Mom:

Dear Belleruth,
It’s been 8 years since C.J.'s bone marrow transplant, and he's doing great.  I knew you'd want to hear that.  I can't thank you enough for the personal comfort and guidance you gave us during his recovery. We still have the initial guided imagery you did for his BMT, and graciously sent it to us in its preliminary state. It served us well indeed.  I have since ordered and sent your finalized version to a child about to start her transplant, because we believe in its power.
Thank you again,
Robyn Angle, C.J.'s Mom

So for those of you who followed C.J.’s journey along with us, but like us, were a little afraid to ask, HE’S DOING JUST GREAT.  Grins all around!!