Hello, again.

One of the hands down winners of the “What Next?” survey was imagery for heartbreak, abandonment and betrayal.  And since I no longer see clients to freshen up my empathy/understanding/experience of living, I rely on you to help me with the guts of these narratives.  (I of course have my own experiences with heartbreak, abandonment and betrayal - who over the age of 18 months doesn’t? - but this has to be as universal and inclusive as possible, and for that I need you). 

So for any and every one of you who has time to answer, here are my questions:

  • What was/is this experience like for you (or your clients/patients)?
  • How does it feel in your body?  In your emotions?  
  • How does it affect the way you perceive yourself? Others? The world in general? The future?
  • What are your thoughts about this?  (Ideas about yourself, others or the world in general)
  • What gives you comfort?  (Images, thoughts, memories, ideas, experiences)
  • What is it people tell you that helps or hurts?
  • What do you feel you need to see, hear, feel or understand in order to heal and move on?

That’s a start anyway.  Any answers to any of these, however brief, would be really appreciated; as well as anything I didn’t ask that matters to you.  And, as always, thank you!!

And speaking of new guided imagery, the bodacious Lynne Newman, has done it again!  Her brand new CD, Divine Alchemy, will be shipping by April 1st, and it’s always been available via download. (Somehow an awful lot of you already knew this, because we’ve been getting download orders for the past 2 weeks, and there are already some rave reviews posted on our page!

Like Lynne’s other work, this guided meditation is pretty amazing - inspired and profound.  It’s about nothing less than transforming your life, transcending difficulties, connecting with powerful spiritual sources and helping the rest of humanity.  (Lynne does not mess with the small stuff.)  This is big medicine and listeners immediately feel the authenticity and power of its spiritual force.
On this one, Lynne uses her very favorite image, the rainbow, as the central element that guides and weaves her narrative, catalyzing empowerment and change.  As with all her work, this has Steve Kohn’s wonderful music supporting and enhancing it.  Check it out here.
OK, that’s it for now.  Take care and be well !

All best,