I did a guided imagery this morning with my LCSW [Licensed Clinical Social Worker] from one of your books. It took me to a special place and I saw a "remarkable being" that gave off a soft but bright glow. Which of your CD's has a guided imagery like that? She said in the book it was called "Spiritual Guide Imagery" but I can't find a CD that says that. Is the Healthful Sleep anything like that?

John McP.

Dear John,

It's in my first book, Staying Well with Guided Imagery.  This particular guided meditation hasn't been recorded commercially.  The closest thing might be in the Unlocking Intuition CD set, on the track entitled, Receiving Answers as a Gift.  Healthful Sleep is here. Lately we’ve gotten several requests for this particular guided imagery narrative.  If there’s enough interest in it, I’ll record it.  Please don’t hold back with your suggestions for future titles!