Hello, everyone.  

A good friend of my daughter’s sent around a beautiful, uplifting article on how to deal with the feeling of helpless empathy for the grief of others, sparked by the Newtown tragedy.  It’s by Kyran Pittman, from her blog, Planting Dandelions.  I found it wonderfully wise and helpful, and beautifully written too.  So I’m offering you the link here – well worth reading!  

A couple weeks ago, I posted my concerns about imposing our “reactive kindness” on traumatized, grief-stricken people suffering a tragedy.  There’s a risk of adding to their burden by just jumping in, in knee-jerk fashion, without being asked.  You can see it, along with posts from others, here.

But because we did in fact get a request for help from a local child and family service agency, we were able to get something up for them in relatively short order.  Cindy and her team were able to quickly build a page with all manner of info and password protected downloads on it.  

It’s a beautiful thing, how digital technology can respond so quickly, efficiently and ubiquitously for times like these.  You can see what we did herehttp://www.healthjourneys.com/newtown_relief.asp

So let’s hold these survivors in our hearts as we wish them and each other the best of hope and healing, love and courage, in 2013