A resourceful EAP psychologist starts a new lunchtime meditation program for employees at work, using DesktopSpa as the follow-up resource, and with such success, she now needs a bigger room.. I wanted to tell everyone at Health Journeys about my new initiative at work. I’m a psychologist in our EAP (ed. note: employee assistance program). At the suggestion of my supervisor, who himself was inspired by the offerings on DesktopSpa.com, I initiated lunchtime meditations in the conference room at our corporate headquarters.

Our company employs over 400 people, many of them stressed out and in need of relaxation, but, when left to their own devices, never find time for it. Instead, they get headaches, depression and various chronic pain conditions.

So for 45 minutes, twice a week, I introduce a technique at lunchtime - progressive relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, conscious breathing, simple yoga stretches and so forth. I explain it, answer questions, and then play a CD for about 20-25 minutes. There is then discussion in the group about the impact. I then tell them how to access DesktopSpa and continue with the practice in 5-minute doses, off and on during the workday, at their computer screens. (Management is behind this, and encourages employees to take brief breaks during the workday for their mental health).

That’s it. Nice and simple! But very popular!!!!! We started 3 months ago with 6 people, and now we’re up to 25 and growing still. I’m very happy to say that I’m going to have to either increase the number of sessions or change the size of the room!! I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing about this.

Jane L. Ambrose, PhD