Meet the Inspired and Inspiring  Lynne Newman  (We Love Her.)

I first learned about Lynne Newman decades ago, from her cousin Claudia, our tech goddess at the time. When I think of how to describe Lynne, what comes to mind first is that she’s a very special and beautiful person, and so uniquely kind, I don’t know anyone like her.

Lynne would probably say her guided narratives come from ‘Guidance’ with the capital G. I would just say her material speaks to the hearts and souls of people – it’s immersive, authentic, generous, kind, and affirming, and people feel better for having listened to it.  She has a dedicated following. Lots of people just get all 5 of her audios, because they feel like they’re being blessed as they listen.

Below is Lynne's story in her own words (or most of it – she’s lived through a lot, and it’s a miracle she’s walking and talking, let alone working as a happy, successful and beloved counselor.

Her story is public - she uses it to show other severely traumatized people they can get beyond terrible experiences and heal anyway. Many parts of her story are woven into my 3rd book, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal, because it’s a testament to the freaking amazingness of the human spirit.

Being abused in many ways as a child and young woman I grew up in pain...physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I left home at 18 but took myself with me. I became my own critic.

I doubted and hated myself for many years and used food as a sedative to soothe turbulent feelings. Like any other substance, the fix was temporary, and the pain magnified. I thought my weight protected me, keeping away unwanted attention. I was only fooling myself. 

After many years and many attempts, I knew I needed help. Sexual abuse, assault, and degradation take time to heal. I learned that healing was a process not happening! It was hard work. 

I found a wonderful therapist after several tries. I embarked on an inward journey, often agonizing as I faced my past, woke up to my present life and my sacred responsibility to myself. The journey intensified!

Step by step I learned to care for and eventually love myself. That doesn’t mean that “old tales” don’t surface from time to time. I know how to nurture myself now. 

I left my marriage in 1982. I had to. It was both agonizing and freeing. We Sagittarians like to be free!

I went to college in my 40’s and got Associate, Bachelors and master’s degrees. I learned Reiki healing and other modalities for healing myself and helping others to do the same. I became a therapist who incorporated these and Guided Imagery into my sessions with clients. 

I sent a guided imagery CD to Belleruth at Health Journeys and was overjoyed when she and HJ decided to produce and sell my spiritually oriented CD. I then created four more journeys which HJ also produced and sells. It truly helped me believe in myself, and I am forever grateful.

I access the deepest part of myself via dreams, journeys and always via my heart. From this place, visions and poetry emerge.

I recognize the stages and express them in poetry...heart speak!

Rainbow Dancer Emerges by Lynne Newman 07/14/2003   

It seems I’ve protected the woman I am

Inward in nature, yet rainbow in spirit,

Subduing her passion, her colors, her flow..

Her sensitive nature, her radiant glow.

It seems I’ve restrained the woman I am, 

Who sees in the dark with the vision of Owl,

Old in spirit, with wisdom of ages,

The book of my life has thousands of pages.

It seems I’ve awakened the woman I am,

Who knows compassion, heart open, not wary,

Living life as a sensitive soul,

My true spirit acknowledged, finally whole.

It seems I’ve freed Rainbow Dancer within

Vibrant, heart-full, aura aglow,

As the present is lived with panache and with passion,

I live in the present…the flow!