Lynne Newman - Walking Together On The Journey Of The Soul

It is a joy to connect in this new way, here at Health Journeys’ Blog, where we are offered an opportunity to know staff and interact with people who are drawn to our guided imagery offerings. This is especially important as we walk through incredibly powerful changing times.

My passion is for assisting people on the journey of their souls, through life passages, experiences and the many profound things that happen within a human lifetime. Through the journey of my own soul, and deeply understanding the power of having another person witness and understand my story, and help me make sense of my life, when things seemed senseless, I found my purpose and my passion. I discovered and owned my dark side, and became aware too, of beautiful things about myself. I learned to forgive myself and others and to stop judging. Healing was deep and profound, and in the process, I discovered the poet within me, and learned about “exquisite sensitivity” in myself and others as they shared their life journeys with me. Each one that comes is my teacher. Each one that shares their heart and spirit is a gift. It is a privilege to be working in my passion.

I’ve been a Counselor/Healer my whole life, as people naturally came and shared their stories with me. I became a Counselor/Healer, formally, in my 40’s, though, as I needed to do much clearing of my own first. I was one of the first therapists in our area to combine the holistic, mind, body, spirit approach to my counseling work.  I am trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, and other energy healing techniques. Spirit Heart Center for Counseling, Healing and Heart is my private practice and I love going to “work” every day.

I read Belleruth’s first book, Staying Well with Guided Imagery, many years ago. It moved me deeply when she spoke of the guides and light beings who gathered around to assist in healing. Hers was the first book that I read that brought in that imagery and my heart celebrated. For years I’d been aware of assistance and light from other places and other people became uncomfortable when I spoke of this. I wrote my first letter of gratitude to an author after reading her book because I knew that she knew!

In the years to come, my connection to the unseen world expanded, and I was often called upon to “take dictation,” and write down what was flowing through my heart and head and share it in group emails and posts at different groups online. The messages were profound. I was then guided to create imagery as I was shown that the messages had to be shared with a wider audience. My first CD, Song of the Soul, was produced by Health Journeys and the feedback was wonderful. I was touched over and over again by people who felt inspired, comforted and awakened by listening to the CDs. The flow of creation continued, and Healing Circle, Gifts of Presence, Dancing in the Light and Divine Alchemy were created and produced by Health Journeys. A new CD has just flowed, about forgiveness, which is so needed in our lives. I am full of gratitude for Health Journeys and their willingness to produce this “out of the box,” imagery, and for the many people who have shared their stories with me after listening to the CDS.

Guided Imagery offers people a chance to access, and immerse themselves in the subconscious, where deep healing and transformation can happen as old thoughts and beliefs are transformed into hope, possibility and positivity. Deep within our spirits we seek healing and relief from all suffering. What a powerful way to release, let go, relax and breathe, and be able to feel the changes in new ways!

May all who read this know the beauty of your brightly burning inner light, and may you come to know that your light kindles lights of others. It is my hope that one day soon, we will only know light!

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Within the box I cannot breathe,
I cannot feel, I cannot see!
Within the box I cease to be
I am not whole, I am not me!

I take a risk,
remove the lid
and when I peek,
 I'm glad I did!

Born again,
to a whole new world…
I'm an out of the box
kind of girl!    

As the lid comes off, a world appears
I fly free with no more fears!
No longer bound to others' ways,
I can just be myself today!


Lynne Newman