A man suffering from Hepatitis C asks if BR will be working any time soon on imagery for this health challenge and its treatment, to help him get away in his mind from feeling so sick.. Dear BR,
Are you working on any guided imagery for those of us either suffering with Hepatitis C and/or going through treatment? This disease is a silent epidemic and the treatments available include chemotherapy and anti viral drugs for up to 48 weeks.

I''ve been looking for something to help me go to a place that is restful and peaceful when I''m feeling so ill and in despair. I have a lot of support, but there are times when I just want to get away in my mind - take a break from the way I feel. Hope you can help now or in the future.

Dear Alan,
Although we have nothing specific for Hep C at this time, we do have imagery that can take you away in your imagination, and give you some uplift and respite. Try our General Wellness imagery or our Relaxation & Wellness imagery. And the Healthful Sleep audio can give you deeper and more pleasant rest during sleep.

You are not the first person by a long shot to ask for this imagery, and it’s definitely on our to-do list for some time in the future. But that may not be for quite a while, so try these others in the meantime. They may fill the bill.

Take care and I hope you can keep your strength and your spirits up. Please remember: people can and do get better from this.