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Attention people! March 15th marks the early registration cut-off date for my two day-long workshops in Seattle (April 4th) and Portland (April 5th) - Gifts of the Imagination: Surviving & Thriving beyond Cancer. Attention people! March 15th marks the early registration cut-off date for my two day-long workshops in Seattle (April 4th) and Portland (April 5th) -Gifts of the Imagination: Surviving & Thriving beyond Cancer. Jan Adrian of Healing Journeys advises that there is a savings of $25 to be had if you sign up before the 15th after that the fee goes up to $150. To learn more, click here.

Subscribe to this E-Course For those of you with a passion for enhancing your spirituality through the challenges of an illness, you simply must check out the unique, refreshing and content-rich structure of Mary Ann and Fred Brussat’s e-course, Practicing Spirituality during Illness, which runs from March 24th to May 2nd. Here is how Mary Ann describes it:

"Our health is a voyage and every illness is an adventure story," Margiad Evans has noted. Anyone who has experienced a passing or chronic breakdown of the body knows what she means. During illness, we are forced to deal with pain, vulnerability, loss of control, and dependency on others. Illness is a crucible that tests our faith, our patience, and our ideas about the flesh and the mind. It is a conduit for valuable feedback from our body and our soul. Disease is a spiritual teacher showing us what is really important to us. It dispenses wisdom about imbalances in our lives and reveals our deep connections to those who care for us. A life-threatening illness rocks our world and makes us very grateful for every moment on earth. These are some of the gifts of illness that we will be exploring in Practicing Spirituality during Illness. "
Subscribers receive 40 daily emails, each with a passage from the wisdom of writers who have contributed greatly to a spiritual understanding of illness, teachers such as Rachel Naomi Remen, Ram Dass, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Kat Duff, and Mary C. Earle. Each email will also suggest a simple way you can incorporate the lesson into daily life.

Also included in the $19.95 subscription fee is access to a private Practice Circle, where subscribers can interact with people from all over the world, sharing their own healing stories, the lessons of their illnesses, and the blessings of caregiving. They also get to compare notes on what they learned from the daily practices in the course, thus grounding the content in their own lives (and bodies). This is an exciting, effective format that has met with great popularity and success.

Yet another intimate, dynamic, week-long women’s retreat, led by those two incomparable social workers, Ceci McDonnell and Karen Rosenberg, will happen on March 29 - April 5 on Isla Mujeres, Mexico (off the coast of Cancun). Designed to promote creativity, courage, personal growth and change, this popular annual event, Portals to the Self: Women''s Circle by the Sea, "creates a sacred circle of support, compassion, abundance and replenishment as we weave together our stories and wisdom, becoming midwives of our dreams and visions." For more information, email [email protected]; visit; or call 440.779.6727.

We’ve just heard from Susan Ezra and Terry Reed that Phase I of the Certificate Program in Integrative Imagery begins May 16-18 in Burlingame, California, near the San Francisco airport. They tell us

This 3-day training is open to all licensed healthcare professionals, offers 20.4 contact hours and is the introduction to the evidence-based, mind/body modality that teaches how to utilize the power of the imagination for health and healing. For info, contact co-directors, Susan Ezra and Terry Reed at Beyond Ordinary Nursing, or 650-570-6157. Registration is due by April 16.

And finally, guided imagery got two great plugs last week: an extensive cover article in The Motivator, the magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, by Miriam Franco, MSW, describes the immense value of guided imagery for people with M.S.

And an article by Ellen Michaud in the April issue of the Reader’s Digest talks about the huge help guided imagery provides to mitigate the disrupted sleep of those experiencing deep grief.

Okay, I’ve overstayed my welcome.

Take care and be well!