..So, my patient friends, when I tried to record our new Panic Attack imagery, I guess I sounded pretty bad.. the remnants of a nasty cold, lingering on. guess there’s nothing to do but wait it out.. Hello again.

Well, having just gotten back from the 74 degree weather of Richmond, where I was delighted to speak to many of the 350 social workers at the annual NASW conference (and where I of course dropped everything to get outside and just inhale the warm, festive, brightness of the sun, smell the loamy Spring soil and watch the jonquils pop) it was a bit of a shock to see gray skies and snow again, here in Cleveland. But hey, that’s Cleveland for you. I love it anyway.

Unfortunately when I tried to record our new Panic Attack imagery, the remnants of a cold/flu I never quite got rid of were readily apparent to our savvy sound engineer, Bruce Gigax, who quickly checked his equipment to see if everything was working OK. Turned out that the only equipment that wasn’t working was my larynx, sinuses and lungs. So, nothing to do but wait it out.

We got a wonderful comment from Ellen Bass, co-author with Laura Davis of the classic childhood sexual trauma book, Courage to Heal, who called Invisible Heroes "the most useful book for survivors to be published in the last decade". That was very gratifying to see, as I have great respect for their work and how they’ve changed the landscape of childhood sexual abuse over the past 2 decades. Courage to Heal is about to have a 20th Anniversary edition released, and we’ll probably be carrying it in our catalog.

In looking at Ellen Bass’ website, I discovered her amazing poetry. Please check our Inspiring Story page for one of her poems from her collection, Mules of Love. It will knock your socks off.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Oakland (Kaiser Permanente folk), San Francisco (Healing Journeys Cancer Survivors Workshop) or Sacramento (Insight Journeys 2-Day, Heart of Healing Conference) next week!

OK, that’s it for now. Take care and be well.