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We apologize for any confusion created by our request for confirmation of your subscription, sent with last week’s e-news Update We apologize for any and all confusion created by our request for confirmation of your email subscription, sent with last week’s e-news Update. We thought we had a simple solution for our subscribers, many of whom have ISP’s (internet service providers) who are now using tighter and tighter spam blocks on mail from large lists (and rightly so).

Instead, you got confused with links you couldn’t open, questionnaires you didn’t want (Imagine our surprise! Neither did we!) and procedures that created more trouble than they were worth.

So we’re working on a better solution to the spam block problem. Please bear with us and accept our apologies for any confusion or worry we inadvertently generated.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Seattle and Portland in a couple of weeks. Gifts of the Imagination: Guided Imagery for Surviving and Thriving Beyond Cancer is an all-day workshop for cancer survivors, their families, friends and health care providers, offered in Seattle on April 5th and in Portland on April 6th. It demonstrates the power of imagery to help with healing, coping, thriving, grieving, worrying the works. Registrations are subsidized for those who cannot afford to come otherwise, thanks to a wonderful organization with a name very similar to ours, called Healing Journeys. For more info, call Jan Adrian at (800) 423-9882, click on www.healingjourneys.org or email [email protected].

Optimizing Chemotherapy Optimizing Radiation Therapy And speaking of imagery for cancer, we’re very stoked to announce that Emmett Miller’s wonderful guided imagery for Optimizing Chemotherapy and Optimizing Radiation Therapy is now in the warehouse - a terrific addition to anyone’s cancer-fighting tool kit. Each audio program has three tracks: one for general relaxation; another for general immune system buttressing and enhancement; and the third to optimize the designated treatment process.

Another reminder: The Beyond Ordinary Nursing program of Integrative Imagery Training starts a new cycle in mid-May in Burlingame, California. If you’re a certified health professional who wants to know more about this extraordinary learning opportunity, click here.

And David Bresler tells us that this year’s Academy for Guided Imagery conference has morphed into a giant webcast, so more people can easily and inexpensively attend. Featured speakers include Daniel Benor MD, David Bresler PhD, Gavin de Becker, James Ellroy, Jim Gordon MD, Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD, PhD, Emmett Miller MD, Jean-Luc Mommaerts MD, MSc, Dean Ornish MD, Kenneth R. Pelletier PhD, MD(hc), Eric Peper PhD, Susan Reynolds MD, PhD, Marty Rossman MD, Francine Shapiro PhD, Nimrod Sheinman ND, David Sobel MD, Hilary Tindle MD, and Katherine White PhD, DHM, LAc, among others. To learn more, click here.

Okay, that’s it for now.Take care and be well.