This weekend is the 9-CEU hour Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma workshop in Longbranch, New Jersey at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa. If you’re still thinking about attending, click on or call 800-395-8445.. Hello, everyone.

Don’t forget that The New Medicine, a terrific PBS special, will be airing this Wednesday night at 9 pm. It’s not to be missed. I sent a lengthy review of it in my last e-newsletter, and I’ve posted a copy of what I had to say about it on our Discussion Page.

This weekend, I look forward to seeing many of you at the ConferenceWorks Spa-Weekend workshop in Longbranch, New Jersey. If you’re still thinking about attending, click on or call 800-395-8445 for more information.

Our new Parkinson’s CD should be in the warehouse any day now. Please stay tuned for an announcement about its arrival.

If you look at the Hot Research section, you’ll see a number of new studies abstracted and archived from the Entrez Pubmed (NIH) database, on the power of hypnosis to ameliorate Irritable Bowel Syndrome - everything from modest pilot studies to meta-analyses and reviews. It’s looking more and more like an intervention destined to be used systematically, as part of standard care for IBS.

On a lighter note: there are many, many forms of meditation, most of them yielding great benefits, and definitely worth a try. But before you become permanently attached to your chosen faves, you simply must check out this one, daunting though it may be to actually practice: it’s a video clip that’s been circulating for a couple of weeks on the internet, featuring a guy named Chris Bliss, juggling in complete sync to a joyous, zippy, musical medley.. no, I misspoke. The guy becomes the joyous, zippy, musical medley. Watch it for at least a few minutes - it’s absolutely contagious, and no doubt meditative benefits are conferred by just watching..

OK, take care and be well,