Happily Announcing New CDs by Emmett Miller, Steve Kohn

OK, good people, Emmett Miller’s two extraordinary new imagery CDs, Optimizing Chemotherapy and Optimizing Radiation Therapy are in the warehouse, as well as Steve Kohn’s new music, Meditative Reflections, the lovely, soothing, settling score from our Panic Attack imagery. OK, good people, Emmett Miller’s two extraordinary new CDs for chemo and radiation therapy are in the warehouse this week, and ready to be deployed to help potentiate the healing effects of your cancer treatments.

Optimizing Chemotherapy and Optimizing Radiation Therapy contain deep relaxation and highly targeted hypnosis and guided imagery for activating immune function and for optimizing the effects of treatment, by that one and only, gifted-and-talented, guided imagery pioneer-psychiatrist, he-of-the- glorious-voice, Emmett Miller MD. We are very proud of these splendid audio programs, and delighted to have this particular man’s voice and heartfelt work produced in our studios. A great stand-alone CD or addition to your arsenal of healing resources, these are wonderful, effective audio programs, for yourself or a gift for friends and family. And for those undergoing treatment who need to hear a man’s voice, this is simply a must.

And speaking of gifted and talented, Meditative Reflections, Steve Kohn’s lovely, soothing, settling, evocative music, originally composed to score our Panic Attack imagery, is in the warehouse this week too. We’ve gotten a dramatic number of requests to produce this deeply calming music as a stand-alone CD. People hear it in workshops or on the Panic CD and immediately start clammering for it. I don’t blame them. I’ve taken to playing it while working at my computer or just staring at the fire. It does something wonderful to my insides.

And for those of you who are asking about when the new OCD audio will be out, Cindy says to give it a couple of months, just to be on the safe side. It’s recorded and edited, and we’re completing the mix now. Then it goes straight to production.

OK, take care and be well.

All best,