Massage Therapist Seeks Guided Imagery for Spinal Cord Injury & Amputees

Dear Health Journeys,

I want to thank you for all the fantastic material you offer. I am an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), working at a large rehab facility.

Recently, I launched a program called "Meditative Massage", in which clients receive a gentle, slow flowing aromatherapy massage while listening to the guided imagery topic of their choice.

While this is not for everyone, most of my clients are loving it. It's unique, and no other facility or spa has a program like this.

You are the sole reason for the creation of my program. Your material is amazing and so is Belleruth! I also work at one of our outpatient rehab facilities. Many of the patients there are recovering from, or living with, neurological disorders, so I've recently purchased 2 related topics.

Please let me know if you will ever offer spinal cord injury and/or amputation topics in the future.

Finally, I can't thank Belleruth enough for her calming voice and incredible content. Please let her know she has a fan for life! Happy Holidays!

A.D., LMT, Westchester County

Dear A.D.,

Thank you for your kind and generous note. I'm delighted the guided imagery, in combination with your massotherapy work, can add to the healing services you provide. I'd love to know which titles you choose to accompany your work.

It's wonderful to hear from creative practitioners like you, who put together these wonderful combinations of guided imagery with other techniques - the Scripps research, which combined Healing Touch with our Healing Trauma imagery on traumatized Camp Pendleton Marines between deployments is another great example of how the whole can be so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Although we don't currently have anything specific for spinal cord injury or amputation, I would highly recommend Carol Ginandes' Rapid Recovery from Injury to help with pain and healing - it's got many strong hypnotic suggestions and imagery narratives in it that address key issues that spinal cord injury and amputee patients face.

General Wellness would probably good for these purposes as well, if you don't already use it.

Thank you for doing the work that you do. You must provide great comfort and healing to so many facing daunting circumstances. What better job could any of us have, than one that alleviates suffering!!

Happy new year and all best wishes to you.


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