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  1. Aromatherapy Massage & Reflexology Found Equally Effective for Cancer Patients

    Researchers from the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK, compared the efficacy of reflexology vs. aromatherapy massage for ameliorating stated symptoms of concern in cancer patients.
    Adult oncology patients in this non-blinded, randomized study were randomized to either four aromatherapy massage or four reflexology sessions. MYCaW scores were taken at baseline and completion; VAS relaxation scores were gathered pre and post-sessions.

    Measuring instruments consisted of unpaired t-tests for the primary outcome; analysis of variance tests for repeated measures for VAS (relaxation); descriptive statistics (means and 95% confidence intervals) and content analysis for patient comments.

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  2. Mind-Body Tools Help Post-Deployment Couples

    Researchers from the firm of Collinge & Associates in Eugene, Oregon, reported on pilot data from phase I of a project to develop and evaluate a self-directed program of integrative therapies for National Guard personnel and significant others to support reintegration and resilience after return from Iraq or Afghanistan.
    Data was reported on 43 couple pairs.  The intervention was an integrated multimedia package of guided meditative, contemplative, and relaxation exercises (on CD), and instruction in simple massage techniques (DVD) to promote stress reduction and interpersonal connectedness.

    A repeated measures design with standardized instruments was used to establish stability of baseline levels of relevant mental health domains (day 1, day 30), followed by the intervention and assessments 4 and 8 weeks later.

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  3. Massage Therapist’s Work Deepened by Playing Guided Imagery in Session

    We got this note attached to an order for several CDs.  

    This massage therapist would appreciate hearing from any other practitioners who have some experience with combining guided imagery with their massotherapy or energy/biofield therapy practice.  So please post something if you have the time.  Here is his note:

    I’m a massage therapist with a large, long-standing practice outside of Minneapolis. I always say that I’m always learning from my clients.  Last week I most definitely did. 

    A new client brought the Healing Trauma CD with her, for me to play while I worked on her.  Clients bring in their favorite music to sessions from time to time, but this was the first request I’d gotten to play guided imagery during a session.

    It proved to be a powerful experience for both of us.  The work I did was deepened and further potentiated by the imagery.  I suspect that the imagery experience was deepened and further potentiated by the deep tissue massage and acupoint work I was providing. 

    It was a real eye opener. I intend to experiment more with using guided imagery in my massotherapy practice with selected clients.  I would like to hear from any other practitioners  who have experiences with this combination.

    Thank you in advance.
    Surya D.

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