Me and My Migraines by Corolla le Blanc

Corolla le Blanc tells how guided imagery helped with her chronic, worsening migraine headache condition, which she’d suffered since adolescence. 

For most of her life, she had inadequate health insurance and couldn’t afford the pricey meds on offer, so she resorted to guided imagery, not realizing that, at the very least, good, relaxing guided meditations will release muscle tension in the head and neck; and loosen the tightness in constricted blood vessels. So this was actually not a bad idea at all…

Here’s how she tells it in her own words...

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve had migraines, and they got progressively worse as I got older. Most of my life, I’ve had horrible health insurance, so I never could afford the Botox treatments on the forehead or the fancy pills that cost a fortune. So I tried this Health Journeys Relieve Headaches CD as the only thing I could afford. 

Was it a cure? Nope. But it did help a lot. It trained me to re-focus my mind and place my attention away from my pain during the guided imagery. I got very good at it after a few listens.

Sometimes I would get so relaxed and comfortable, I would even fall asleep, and that was great, because if I was sleeping, the Excedrin had a chance to kick in, and I’d wake up feeling a lot better.

I should've used the other CD for preventing headaches, but if I was feeling okay, I just wasn’t motivated to do anything.  But the second I felt a migraine coming on, Man, I would be all over that first Headache Relief CD. 

I’ve now got a new job and with it, some good coverage for strong headache pills.  But every now and then, a really stubborn migraine will hold me hostage, and I’ll either use some of Belleruth's techniques or put on the CD. It’s like an old, reliable friend I can count on for backup.

I suggested this guided imagery meditation to a friend who also gets crunched by horrible headaches, but he said it didn’t help with the migraines, only it did help him relax and fall asleep, so he uses it regularly at night for that. Whatever works, I say! 

Anyway, thanks for a good technique that’s improved my life a lot.


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