Meet Caroline E. Ortiz, the Translator, Narrator, Guardian Angel and All-Round Goddess-Protector of Our Brand-New Spanish Series

"Here I share what my ancestors have left me, what my family has gifted me, and what I have learned from living with the certainty that magic exists. I hope that you always have joy and peace in your life." -- Caroline E. Ortiz MPH MSN RN NC-BC

"A continuación les comparto lo que me han dejado mis ancestros, lo que me ha brindado mi familia, y lo que he aprendido al vivir con la certeza de que la magia existe. Deseo que siempre tengan gozo y paz en su vida." -- Carolina E. Ortiz MPH MSN RN NC-BC

Okay, we know what we’re about to say sounds over the top, but everyone around here is jumping for joy and popping with pride to introduce Caroline E. Ortiz, MPH MSN RN NC-BC, the translator, narrator, guardian angel and all-round Goddess-Protector of our brand-new Spanish Series, with her first recording, Una Meditación Guiada Para Relajación Y Bienestar.

This series has been a long time coming – over 20 years, to be exact. It’s been at least that long since we started getting requests for meditations in Spanish, from listeners & healthcare professionals alike. We always hated having to say no, but we didn’t have the ways or the means.

We now think we were probably just waiting for Caroline to show up and didn’t know it. Once Belleruth spotted her on the internet, guiding a meditation in Spanish, everything fell into place in about a minute. So, when Caroline talks about her certainty that magic exists, she’s certainly proved it to us. Q.E.D.

On mandated isolation in her New York City apartment building, she jumped into translating. As luck would have it, a voiceover talent with his own recording studio was sheltering in place upstairs in the same building. The rest is history. They’re blowing through a slew of our most-loved English titles at a jaw-dropping pace and with heartfelt grace. (Mini-poem).

You'll hear & feel Caroline’s extraordinary commitment and passion in this first audio, Una Meditación Guiada Para Relajación Y Bienestar. This imagery is great for daily relaxing or for facing any stressful situation with steady, centered calm. It will help with general anxiety as well as panic attacks, but it can also be used to simply promote and sustain garden-variety feelings of peace, balance, and optimism.

So listen to a sound sample of this impeccable translation, and please, please share with the Spanish speakers in your life! We’re betting they’ll be glad you did.

Happily, gratefully, magically,

Belleruth & the whole Health Journeys team (especially Jonathan, Abby, Bruce, Anthony, Cheryl, Emily, and Steve)