Meet the Beloved Meditation Player for Kids That Looks Like a Turtle!!

Yep, it looks like a turtle but it’s a perfectly designed player, loaded with age-appropriate, brief meditations for kids, to help them with relaxation, sleep, everyday stressors, and lots more.

Don’t be surprised if your kid takes it everywhere, like a new best friend.

Zenimal Kids+ is a screen-free device (Yes! You read that right, Dear Parent - screen-free!) that looks like a turtle (only huggable).

The simple design on its soft, protective underbelly has buttons with icons to easily identify the 9 different guided meditations loaded within - 3-15 minutes long, and designed to encourage calm, compassion, creativity, gratitude, awareness, empathy, focus and sleep, for kids of just about any age, from the adorable little squeezer in the picture to a sophisticated, world-weary 11-year-old. 

Truth be told, the adults on our team enjoy these meditations and don’t find them insultingly babyish.

Zenimal is light and portable for easy use at home, in school, in the car, or anywhere. And when it’s plugged in, it will play any 3 sleep tracks continuously for a peaceful night’s sleep.

This ingenious gizmo was designed and developed by Anna Peterson Macsalka, who herself suffered from anxiety and panic attacks as a kid. She discovered a mindfulness practice that turned her life around, so when she had her own kids, she was determined to find an engaging, kid-friendly, screen-free way to teach them how to develop these life-enhancing skills early. And thus, the Zenimal was born!

So, of course we test-drove the Zenimal ourselves with our own kids. One staff mom offered the Zenimal to her 10 year old daughter to see what kind of a response it would get from a tween who had a certain age-appropriate investment in appearing cool. The mom had her doubts about the whole enterprise.

But check out her report:

“The first night we got the Zenimal, she took that magical turtle into her room and it hasn’t left her bedside yet. She uses it every night, not only to fall asleep but also when she wakes up at night to get back to sleep super-fast. The style and tone of the imagery was easy for her to accept. In fact, she says she’s going to start listening during the day so she can stay awake long enough to actually hear the sleep audios through to the end.

“I can see her growing into using the Zenimal in more and more situations. Tonight, she’s spending the night away with a friend and she packed it in her overnight case, just in case she gets homesick or can’t sleep.

“She’s also a dancer and travels to competitions. Butterflies always abound the night before she competes. Mix that with an unfamiliar hotel room and, poof! - you can count on a sleepless night. Mr. Magic Turtle will definitely be with us at the next dance competition, for sleep, for a calm, focused performance, and beyond!”

We had similar reports from other parents on the team. So, yes, we’re sold. This is gift worth giving to a kid you love – yours or somebody else’s!