Mind-Body Gift Sets: Dazzling Duo of Guided Imagery, Plus Aromatherapy!

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Here’s hoping that went well.

(This is my best impression of my hero, Julia Childs, draping her very tall body over the counter top and grinning dementedly as she presents us with her latest production from the oven. I loved watching her from my treadmill at the gym!)

But now it’s time for the sometimes joyful, sometimes pesky (ever so rarely neutral) task of gift giving for the winter holidays.

Now, I’m here to say with all sincerity, we can make this job easier for you. Team HJ has assembled some awesome holiday gift sets that will make daily living a lot pleasanter for your peeps.

Check out the ingenious mind-body gift sets of de-stressing guided imagery audios, combined with first rate aromatherapy products. We have combos for adults and kids, and at special, deep holiday discount pricing.

Check out our:

I also want to call your attention to a wonderful article in SHAPE Magazine about the power using hypnosis for weight loss, in which our very own Traci Stein offers primo advice from her popular, research-informed approach to eating in healthy ways. That approach, by the way, is beautifully represented and offered in her powerful Night and Day Healthy Weight & Body Image set, a Health Journeys bestseller we can barely keep in stock.

Take care and be well!

All best,

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