Mind-Body Tools for Removing Constant Fear and Worry

We got this question from Alissa, who lives with a chronic sense of worry and fear. She wonders what resources might help her gather up her courage and muster her mojo to get beyond this. Her therapist suggested guided imagery. Check it out:


Good afternoon, Belleruth.

My therapist sings your praises often and has recommended I get one of your CD's that deals with not being afraid/living in fear/being less fearful.

I tried entering these phrases in the Search portion of your catalog but to no avail.

Can you please tell me which of your CD's deals with this?

Thank you very much!

Alissa O.


Dear Alissa,

I think the best guided imagery for this general fearfulness you describe is probably on our audio for Panic Attacks.

The main track of guided imagery on this program does a nice job of reframing fear and anxiety into its more positive counterpart, which is, believe it or not, exhilaration. (The physical sensations of these seemingly opposite experiences are very similar – it’s our interpretation of these internal signals that makes all the difference.) 

I would work with that imagery first. I do suggest that you listen repeatedly, once or twice a day for a few weeks, as it might take some time to start to make a dent. And do play the affirmations track while driving or engaged in other activities that require your attention.

Another resource to keep you on an even keel and balance your perspective and emotional well being is Traci Stein’s Mindfulness Meditation program, which offers a whole range of meditations, short and long, ensuring that something is going to suit you really well.

Another alternate guided imagery recording (because sooner or later, you’ll need some variety) is our Relaxation & Wellness, which provides a strong sense of protection and support.  

I hope this helps. 

Best wishes to you,

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